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Enterprise Metaverse Summit

Thursday, March 24 — 8 am – 3 pm PT

Join thousands of Virbela users, partners, and Metaverse enthusiasts for Hands In 2022 — our first-ever community summit. Be the first to explore our new campus and see how the world’s most innovative companies are already working in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is here, and it's ready for work.

Hands In 2022 is Virbela’s inaugural user and community summit. This event is our way of saying thank you to all who joined us on this incredible journey so far. It’s also an opportunity to underline our mission: to build more human-centric workplaces.

Along with several product announcements, we’re excited to launch our new corporate campus, specifically designed to foster a sense of community for your remote and distributed teams.

Come listen to executives from eXp, AT&T, DXC Technology, PwC, Fujitsu, American Cancer Society, and other Virbela partners as they share how they create immersive, award-winning experiences in virtual worlds.

Let’s explore how to build a healthier, more productive, more equitable workplace in the Metaverse.

What's Hands In?

“Hands In” is a tradition we use to end our company meetings at Virbela. We bring our avatars together, put our hands in, say a few meaningful words, and give a shout to start our week with energy and fun.

Gestures like this are how virtual worlds are transforming the way we work. They are powerful tools to build culture and community and make our workplaces feel more human. The next time you’re in Virbela, find a friend and give it a try. Just type /handsin and /break.

Your new campus is ready

We’re excited to share that Virbela is about to release the biggest product update in our history — a transformational redesign of our campus!

Our team of designers, developers, and organisational psychologists have spent months thoughtfully crafting a new environment, purpose-built with organizations like yours in mind.

‍Our new campus has a modern look and feel, with outdoor spaces designed to create a sense of community. A new layout that is modular and scalable. And plenty of fun surprises to discover while exploring with your team. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

World Class Speakers and Partners

Panel discussions and workshops featuring executives from the world’s most innovative organizations and the leading voices in the Enterprise Metaverse.

Launch Pad Partners for Future West

Panel discussions and workshops featuring executives from the world’s most innovative organizations and the leading voices in the Enterprise Metaverse.

Bronze Partner

A Jam Packed Agenda

Hands In 2022 is packed with product announcements, workshops, panel discussions featuring thought leaders and executives. All Times PDT – GMT-7

08:00 am

Welcome To Hands In 2022 – Networking & Scavenger Hunt
‍Come early and meet your fellow attendees and the Virbela team.

08:30 am

Opening Keynotes & Product Announcements
Alex Howland, Sheldon Brown, Virbela Product Team

09:30 am

Virbela Campus Tours
Join one of our environmental designers for guided campus tours.

10:00 am

Panel Discussion: Diversity & Equity in the Metaverse
AT&T, eXp World Holdings, PwC

11:00 am

Customer Led Workshops 1 & 2
American Cancer Society, Fujitsu

11:45 am

Lunch Break – Partner Lounge
Swing by and mingle in our Partner Lounge where the first 100 attendees will receive a special gift.

12:15 pm

Customer Led Workshops 3 & 4
eXp Realty, Wavemakers

01:00 pm

Panel: Future of Work in the Metaverse
Alex Howland, Cathy Hackl, Charlie Fink, Kristie Grinnell, Philip Rosedale

02:00 pm

Virbela 10-year Anniversary Party
Get your dance on with legendary Los Angeles DJ Jeremy Sole and a few more fun surprises.

Sign up for Hands In 2022!

In-World seats are limited, be sure to save your seat and register for Hands In 2022 now.