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Launch Pad brings a new podcast studio into Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub

Launch Pad has launched a new podcast studio located in our new HQ in Parramatta.

‘Entrepreneurship does not have to be a lonely game’, said Launch Pad Chief Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Jamie Pride. At Launch Pad, we provide support to our entrepreneurs and community members wherever we can to enable the growth of a startup community in Western Sydney and drive the development of a sophisticated innovation ecosystem for the region.

Understanding that our startup founders want to share their stories and information and how much they love doing it through the form of podcasts, the team at Launch Pad have set up the podcast studio within the co-working space – this is one of the new things we have brought into the Parramatta space.

‘As startup founders mostly are bootstrapping, and want to DIY instead of hiring an agency to do it for them, that is where we come in and give them a little bit of help,’ said Launch Pad Manager Rebecca Pham.

The new podcast studio has two first regular users – the Work Wonders Podcast and MyTradie.

Earlier this March 2022, the Work Wonders Podcast was born out of the passion of two HR professionals, Susan Rochester and Angela Gauci, where the team simplify HR for small business owners and managers, by answering the questions that you are wondering about for your workplace, and hopefully make things easier for their audience when it comes to people management.

“We both have a passion for Australian small business and a strong belief that good HR management can benefit any business.”  

Combined, they have over 38 years’ experience in HR to share. This podcast will discuss topics from the world of HR, from starting an employment relationship all the way to ending it, workers’ compensation, work, health and safety, payroll training and development and everything in between.  

Susan Rochester (Founder and Managing Director of Balance at Work) and Angela Gauci (Managing Director of Total Workforce Services) was the first to use Launch Pad's new podcast studio.

MyTradie, as a startup themselves, understood just how lonely the startup journey can be.

‘We were one of the startups who were part of the 2021 Launch Pad alumni. In the lead up to our time at Launch Pad, we thought that the startup world was actually very lonely, and there were not as many people there on the same path as us, especially from Western Sydney as well,’ shared Danyel O’Meara, MyTradie Co-founder and COO.

‘When we started at Launch Pad, we started talking to each other and thought, maybe there should be something out there for people to know that there is support, and there are other people that are along the journey, people are experiencing the same things, and maybe there are resources out there that people don’t actually really know about,’ Danyel explained how they came up with the idea to do podcasts before deciding to reach out to the Launch Pad team, and the rest is history.

Aaron and Danyel 1
MyTradie Co-founders Danyel O’Meara (left) and Aaron O’Meara (right) were part of Launch Pad's 2021 startup cohort.

Stay tuned to hear more about MyTradie and Work Wonders Podcast’s stories and experience using our brand new podcast studio!

If you are interested in joining the conversation with MyTradie or the Work Wonders Podcast team, contact us and we will make the introductions!