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Launch Pad Startup Case Study – Metaflo

A student at Western Sydney University, Lana found that the pressure of studies was overwhelming and exceedingly stressful. She decided to take some time off from her studies to deal with those issues and recalibrate. It was during this time that she began to think of ways for students to deal with the high levels of stress that they may experience during their studies.

Lana established a startup called Metaflo to develop an app-based service that can assist students through stressful periods.

The problem

Metaflo is solving the tremendous amount of stress felt by university students during their studies to help students on the journey of achieving new heights that goes beyond the university classrooms.

The Solution

The solution is an app-based service with three key components:

  • Stress management tools.

  • Personalised learning of skills including emotional, social and soft skills.

  • Connecting students to existing mental health services if needed such as counselling on campus, Headspace…etc.

The Business

There are currently four people working on the app and service development. As stated by Lana, the product is in a constant cycle of trial, learning and repeat. Once complete, Metaflo has the potential to be used not just by students but by people in a wide variety of situations including the work environment.

Students at Western Sydney University have been used in the testing of the product and it is hoped that a broader trial might be possible in the near future.

Commercialisation of Metaflo can be through several pathways including take-up by universities and corporates.

Launch Pad

Metaflo joined the Startup SydWest accelerator program in October 2018 and has almost reached the demo day planned for July 2019. According to Lana, Launch Pad has been of tremendous support through mentoring and making connections to related people and organisations in the mental health and education sphere.

For further information contact Hello@metaflo.co

​This post was originally published on Regional Development Australia Sydney.

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