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Short Course: Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots

An introductory short course to learn the foundations of Autonomous Mobile Robots and their seemingly endless capabilities across industries. In this program you will learn from Australia's leaders in this technology, OMRON and Western Sydney University.

*The course has reached maximum capacity. We kindly invite you to complete the Expression of Interest form above to be put on the waiting list.

Short Course: Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots

Course Overview

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are being adopted and integrated more and more across industries for their diverse range of applications and capabilities.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of this exciting technology and explores the latest in AMR innovations trending in todays market.

Developed in collaboration with leading experts in mobile robot technology, OMRON Electronics, participants will learn about the various components of a mobile robot including motion and vision sensors, understand the importance of implementing safety restrictions and strategies for autonomous applications. 

Course Details

Entry Criteria: No autonomous mobile robotics experience is necessary. The course is offered only for Western Sydney University students.

Why should you do this micro-credential? 

Through a very hands-on learning approach, you will have the unique opportunity to  operate and program a real mobile robot to pick up and move an object in a controlled micro-factory environment!

Cost: Course fees waived for Western students

Course Structure

The Autonomous Mobile Robots Course will consist of:

  • Online, self-paced learning using Open Learning Platform
  • Face to Face training sessions  
  • Hands-on skills development at the Micro Factory, Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub

Time Commitment: 30 hours spread over 3 weeks

  • 1 online module each week
  • 1 online lecture on Monday 18th September, 25th September, and Tuesday 3rd October from 9am – 12pm
  • 1 face-to-face workshop on Wednesday 20th September, 27th September, 4th October from 1pm – 5pm OR Friday 22nd September, 29th September, 6th October from 1pm – 5pm depending on availability

Cohort 1

 18 Sept- 04 Oct 2023

*The short course has hit capacity so please fill out the EOI above to be put on the waiting list.

Interactive sessions aiming for the below learning outcomes:

  • Identify AMRs and main benefits within a diverse range of industry applications  
  • Apply skills and knowledge to evaluate the effectiveness of AMRs  
  • Develop methods and frameworks to ensure safety and effective maintenance of AMRs  
  • Interact with AMRs to learn about best practices of safety, autonomy, traffic management, path planning, maintenance, and support. 

The Benefits

A short course to accelerate your understanding of autonomous mobile robots and their endless capacities in assisting humans

Accelerate Innovation

Identify new opportunities for growth and obtain knowledge about autonomous mobile robotics for creative problem-solving

Enhance Productivity

Utilise OMRON’s expertise to gain insights into automation applications and procedures that yield high productivity of end products and smooth operations

Multi-domain Understanding

Gain a multifaceted perspective in revolutionising industries through the adaptable and cross-domain capabilities of autonomous robots

Advance Career Path

Open up career paths in industries such as robotics, manufacturing, logistics, automation, and research, where AMR technologies are increasingly in demand

Hands-on Training

Practical exposure to AMRs to not only reinforce theoretical concepts but also provide confidence in applying the acquired knowledge

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