Earth AI plays a key role in helping to build a community of AI driven businesses.

Rebecca Pham

Launch Pad Startup, Earth AI is a “next generation” minerals exploration company that leverages a fusion of innovative geology techniques and advanced data science to fundamentally transform the process of minerals exploration to be more efficiently and sustainable.

Earth AI will secure the metals and minerals for the 21st Century, particularly focusing on the rare earth metals that will drive new technologies in high growth products such as new generation batteries. Using real-time satellite data and bringing together deep tech areas such as AI, big data, machine learning, remote sending, geophysical geomechanics data, Earth AI is lowering the cost of exploration, increasing the speed of discovery and minimising environmental impact.

Earth AI is a key tenant in the Parramatta Launch Pad centre and is playing a key role in helping to build a community of AI driven businesses. Earth is accessing a range of supports from Launch Pad including:

  • workspace for its team of 10 people
  • testing sites for its drilling rig at the Werrington campus
  • advisory support around business strategy & capital raising
  • data science R&D through connectivity with WSU CRM (planned)
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Rebecca Pham
Program Manager at Launch Pad

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