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Supporting Sustainable Startups

At Launch Pad, we focus on nurturing sustainable startups and fostering their role in the transition to a net-zero economy through our customised support and resources.

Ignition Startup Accelerator

Launch Pad's flagship 12-week accelerator program.

About Ignition

Focus: Startup Accelerator (Design & Validate)
Delivery: 12 Weeks Part Time, Online + F2F Parramatta
Entry Criteria: Defined Idea (Business Model Canvas)

Helping founders to refine their value proposition and business model. There is a strong emphasis on a rigorous approach to problem and solution validation. Participants should exit the accelerator ready to build their minimum viable product.

Hear from our past cohort​

How we support our startup founders​

Founder Care

We take a holistic and personalised approach to accelerating both you and your business. We will work with you and provide support at each step of your growth journey as a founder and facilitate founder circle sessions – a founder peer support group with a focus on you – not your startup.

Practical Experience & Approach

You will be mentored by world-class entrepreneurs in residence (EIRs) who have experience in this field, and you will learn proven processes and get access to a playbook resource of best practices that you can use with your business.

Flexibility & Agile

Our platform-driven, part-time, agile, multi-mode delivery makes it suitable for founders who have other work and study commitments and are in the early stages of their business.

Technology & Resources

The program will provide you with streamlined access to connections with university expertise, researchers and students.

World Class Facilities

You will get access to modern workspaces and state of the art technology facilities such as maker spaces, prototyping capabilities and studios, to help you bring ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

Community & Member Benefits

You will become a member of the Launch Pad community and be able to tap into a network of industry experts, fellow founders and like-minded community members. You’ll also get access to over $100k worth of discounted tools and services as part of our membership benefits.

Sustainable Startups & Founders​

Here are a few startups & founders with a strong focus on sustainability that we have supported in just 2022.

Automated analytical system for near-real-time crop assessments applying AI and ML for predictive analysis to help growers to make better decisions

Helping customers buy everyday items that have a purpose


Sebastian Florian

A Greener Universe
Get Healthy by re-connecting to Nature

Specialises in creating inclusive and accessible e-learning content for all audiences

Read our Sustainable Startup Story

Launch Pad Startup Charopy Rolls out New Recycling Technology in Queensland

In December 2021, Launch Pad startup Charopy, in partnership with Containers for Change QLD, launched the next-level Charopy smart bin – the first time a consumer facing screen displaying contextual recycling data has been connected to the bin in Queensland. Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is the first location in Queensland to implement this technology.

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Women & Multicultural Program

Entrepreneurial skills training program for Western Sydney’s community and students who identify as Women and/or Multicultural (men and women).​

About Women & Multicultural Program

Open to anyone living, studying or working in the Western Sydney region, the Women and Multicultural Program can provide you with support to set up your own business, start a side hustle or become more innovative in your current job. Through a combination of training and development opportunities, this program is designed to teach you the skills you will need to hone your craft and think more innovatively, like an entrepreneur.

To help start your entrepreneurial journey, there is a total of $150,000* worth of grant funding available to support your new startup or business idea!

*$10,000 Grant Funding​

As part of Launch Pad’s Women and Multicultural Program, you may be eligible for a $10,000 grant once you complete Ignition Startup Accelerator (*T&C apply).


Venture Makers Innovation Challenge

A whole-day hackathon-style innovation challenge providing students with opportunities to build industry contacts and practice key skills including ideation, teamwork and pitching.

At Launch Pad, we're not just about supporting startups – we're all about creating them. Through the Venture Makers Innovation Challenge, we collaborate with students, providing them with the platform and resources to develop sustainable business ideas and bring their entrepreneurial visions to life.

One of the biggest challenges facing all of our future employers over the next decade is getting to net zero. Nearly every project, every team and every employee are being asked to consider this in all jobs whether it is medicine, law, engineering, creative arts and media, manufacturing or transportation.

Understanding these challenges and how to be part of a team to solve them can be exciting and relevant to future employment prospects. The Accelerating to Net Zero Innovation Challenge put participants in the driver’s seat to solve this problem and develop and communicate innovative ideas. The skills learnt in this challenge would be valuable whether they become an employee for any organisation or choose to become an innovator, inventor or entrepreneur.

Working in teams, participants proposed new ideas and solutions for Accelerating to Net Zero with a human-centric approach that delivers the most benefit to society.

Venture Makers go global!​

Powering Innovation Across Borders: Venture Makers Innovation Challenge Empowers Vietnam's Youth to Tackle Global Challenges

In the bustling cities of Vietnam, over 300 students gathered for the Venture Makers Innovation Challenges, coming up with ambitious projects that challenged their creativity and problem-solving skills.  

Over 3 days in a row, from 20-22 October 2023, the Launch Pad Team delivered 3 incredible Venture Makers Innovations Challenges in Vietnam, spanned two cities, Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi Capital. The series brought together a diverse mix of students, industry experts, and academic professionals. 

This initiative not only spotlighted the potential of young innovators but also fostered a spirit of global community and technological advancement. It’s clear that through platforms like the Venture Makers, the next generation of leaders and change-makers are poised to take on the world’s challenges with vigour and vision. 

Sustainability & Circular Economy Industry Innovation Lead

Innovation Futures has recruited four Industry Innovation Leads (IIL) to drive external connections, research translation and commercialisation targeted to strategic industry sectors and aligned to University’s teaching and research strengths. One of these crucial roles is dedicated to advancing Sustainability and Circular Economy initiatives.

Olivia Tyler

Whether it’s leading a team of 70+ hungry sustainability and impact consultants or working for some of Australia’s largest corporates in the financial services, retail and manufacturing sectors, Olivia’s 20+ year career has always taken a slightly obscure path in creating new ways of doing business and challenging the accepted norms surrounding profit and purpose. 

She’s held a range of senior leadership, sustainability and risk positions at a number of large corporates including the Westpac Group, Woolworths Supermarkets, Treasury Wine Estates and Goodman Fielder, and is also a recipient of the 2022 Chief Executive Women’s ANZ Sustainability Scholarship.

With degrees in Marine Science (USyd) and Environmental Engineering (UNSW), and an MBA from the Melbourne Business, Olivia’s expertise is diverse and reflective of the many lenses of sustainability.

She brings deep subject matter expertise with clear insight into the practical challenges facing organisations as they embark on strengthening their internal response and external narrative across the broad brush of environmental, social and governance matters in a world where doing the minimum is not enough.