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Launch Pad hosted the sixth Venture Makers Innovation Challenge on 23 April 2024.

Venture Makers is Launch Pad’s entrepreneurship training and development program for students, researchers and staff designed to build and support an entrepreneurial culture & ecosystem. 

The Venture Makers Innovation Challenge put participants in the driver’s seat to solve an emerging problem and develop and communicate innovative ideas. The skills learnt from this challenge would be valuable whether they become an employee for any organisation or choose to become an innovator, inventor or entrepreneur.

In this ONE DAY challenge, teams worked with participants from various disciplines (from Business, Communications, ICT, to Health, Psychology and others), to explore how we could use technology/digital tools in education to ensure fair access, participation, and success for all learners

“We walked away with camaraderie, pride, and appreciation, and shine brighter than we had before.”


Bachelor of International Studies

Venture Makers Innovation Challenge Participant

“We were encouraged to be BOLD in our ideas. To think BIG and step into the unknown…”


Bachelor of Medical Science

Venture Makers Innovation Challenge Participant

This has helped me go beyond my comfort zone and is something I did not picture myself completing a couple years ago.”


Bachelor of Communication

Venture Makers Innovation Challenge Participant

The Challenge Question

"How do we disrupt education to make it more accessible and engaging?"

Participants worked with specialist mentors from startups and industry to help them develop ideas that apply advanced technology concepts and innovative business models whilst working in a real-world environment.

Participants came as individuals to meet and join forces with other participants from other disciplines to make an impact! It was a great way to connect.

The Challenge Themes

Equity and participation

Digital technology

Lifelong learning

The Prizes

* All prizes are per team member and issued in vouchers.
Prize Pool
First prize
Runner up
People's choice
Challenge Winners


Abd El Halim Sobh, Cody Plumridge, Isaac Watkins, Levana Okba, Tyler Hawke

An AI Technology that analyses students’ characteristics from year 3 and places students in a career path they would thrive in.


Chi Ly, Ishraq Alim, Monalisa Banda, Rravenaa Ruthra, Simran Prasad

A government-funded program that utilises resources to outreach and bridge that gap of knowledge between traditional and non-traditional systems of education.


Daniel Bonatti, Dhimahi Walendra, Michelle Cui, Raynesh Charan, Vidushi Sethi

Where anybody can learn! A digital companion that personalized educational content to its life-long users.


Jason Wrigley

Managing Partner – Western Sydney, Ernst & Young

Alphia Possamai Inesedy Thumbnail

Professor Alphia Possamai-Inesedy

Pro Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Advancement, Western Sydney University

Michele Simons Thumbnail

Professor Michele Simons

Dean of Education, Western Sydney University

Kaitlin Hartley

Kaitlin Hartley

Adobe Creative Campus Lead, Western Sydney University

The Benefits

Skills you learnt throughout the challenge

Soft Skills

1) Entrepreneurial Thinking
2) Problem Hacking
3) Non-verbal Communication skills
4) Radical Open-mindedness
5) Radical Creativity
6) Effective Brainstorming
7) Time Efficiency 
8) Radical Empathy
9) Collaboration

Hard Skills

1) Conceptual Design
2) Pitching for Impact
3) Sustainable Development Goals
4) Innovation Hack Canvasing
5) Entrepreneurial Process
6) Sustainable Design
7) Corporate Presentation/Storytelling
Info Session



Get all the details you need to stay ahead of the game! Learn about the rules, the theme, and how to maximise your chances of success. 

If you missed the infosession or wish to revisit the content, watch it here:

Challenge Day



The Venture Makers Innovation Challenge was a whole-day hackathon event.

Time: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Location: Fairfield Connect – Western Sydney University’s innovative new learning hub

Program Outline
See past challenge recap

Walking Bus - From Fairfield Station

To help participants get to the challenge, we had organised a walking “bus” at Fairfield Connect – a group of people forming together to walk safely between the campus and Fairfield train station.

  • From Fairfield station to Fairfield Connect: 08.30 AM – 09.00 AM
  • From Fairfield Connect to Fairfield station: 05.00 PM – 05.30 PM

Shuttle Bus - From Parramatta City Campus

To help participants get to the challenge venue, we organised a shuttle between Parramatta City Campus and Fairfield Connect learning hub.

  • From Parramatta City Campus to Fairfield Connect: 07.45 AM 
  • From Fairfield Connect learning hub to Parramatta City Campus: 06.00 PM

Photos from the challenge

Read about the challenge day!