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Winter Internships – Opening the World of Startups to Western Students

To connect Western students with potential employers and startups with potential employees, Launch Pad hosted a dynamic networking session titled ‘Winter Internships with Start-ups’. This event not only provided a platform for eager Western students seeking employment opportunities but also introduced them to the innovative and fast-paced world of startups. 

Mable Joe, Launch Pad’s Senior Coordinator of Communications and Activations, kick-started the session by highlighting the transformative power of internships. “It’s not just about adding lines to your CV; internships are invaluable for gaining practical experience and laying the groundwork for future career success,” she emphasized. 

Joe also guided students through the essentials of the internship journey:  

  • Preparation – Researching companies, crafting thoughtful interview questions, and honing interview skills. 
  • Presentation – Stressing the importance of professional appearance, punctuality, and a positive attitude. 
  • Follow-up – Encouraging students to connect with employers on LinkedIn, express gratitude for interview opportunities, and explore potential future collaborations



The main session commenced with engaging presentations from diverse startups eager to recruit fresh talent: 

  • Skillojo – Revolutionizing recruitment for high-tech industries. 
  • Charopy – Redefining recycling technology through innovative smart products. 
  • Curezma – Focused on enhancing the lives of eczema sufferers. 
  • Spazii – Supporting local businesses with innovative space utilization solutions. 
  • ForensicXR – Leveraging Mixed Reality for advanced forensic investigations. 
  • Menopause Centre – Empowering women through health-focused initiatives. 
  • Goods 4 Good – Promoting sustainability through ethical product sales. 

Following these presentations, students engaged in one-on-one sessions with startup representatives, where they had the opportunity to showcase their skills and enthusiasm. 

Krishnay Prasad, a student participant, found the event eye-opening and practical. “It’s refreshing to have these opportunities handed to us. The setup was spot-on, and I hope to see more events tailored to different disciplines in the future,” Krishnay shared enthusiastically. 

Muska Chakhansuri, another attendee, expressed her newfound interest in startup careers.

“Startups offer not just jobs but a chance to contribute meaningfully to impactful ventures. That's what drew me in,”

The startups were equally impressed by the students’ caliber and are eager to move forward with their recruitment processes. 

Launch Pad remains committed to providing platforms that connect Western students with prospective employers, fostering a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties.