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Work Wonders Podcast at Launch Pad’s New Podcast Studio

Earlier this year, the Work Wonders Podcast was launched out of the passion of two HR professionals, Susan Rochester and Angela Gauci, to share knowledge and information, and hopefully make things easier for small business owners when it comes to people management. 

Susan Rochester, Founder and Managing Director of Balance at Work, first met with Angela Gauci, Managing Director of Total Workforce Services, in a leadership program where Susan was Angela’s mentor. “Because we both love the work we do and share an interest in helping small businesses and not-for-profit organisations, the conversation usually flows. Now it feels like it’s time to include you in the conversation.”   

Involved in the same industry working with the same people (small businesses), they found that their clients were facing the same issues. “The most exciting thing in working with small business owners is that you can often catch them in that beginning part (eg: someone recruiting their first staff member). It is a really exciting space to work in,” shared Angela. 

“We both have a passion for Australian small business and a strong belief that good HR management can benefit any business.”  

Combined, they have over 38 years’ experience in HR to share. This podcast will discuss topics from the world of HR, from starting an employment relationship all the way to ending it, workers’ compensation, work, health and safety, payroll training and development and everything in between.  

“We’ll bring you up to date information on legal updates, best practice, and provide you with guidance to recruit, engage, and retain a great team of staff in your small business.”  

Angela Gauci (Managing Director of Total Workforce Services) (left) and Susan Rochester (Founder and Managing Director of Balance at Work) (right) were the first to use Launch Pad’s new podcast studio 

Susan already had the connection with Launch Pad at the time as she previously used the facilities of our Werrington incubator; therefore, she decided to reach out to the Launch Pad team as soon as she heard about our new podcast studio located at Parramatta. “It was good timing for us,” recalled Susan. 

Work Wonders Podcast team’s experience at our podcast studio was seamless. “It was easy because we can book the space online, get it confirmed so we know where it is, what to do – it is simple to just turn up and start recording,” said Susan. 

“It is comfortable to know that the space is going to be there to use, and that it is ready to go, and it doesn’t require us to do a lot of complicated computer stuff. It makes our time there more efficient as well,” said Angela as she listed the things she loves about Launch Pad’s working environment.  

“We had a very productive day and really appreciated the wonderful support we had from the Launch Pad team, Mabel and Kartik. They made what could have been a nerve-wracking experience simple and smooth. It couldn’t have been better from our perspective. Kartik is an excellent coach,” said Susan after the team’s first day setting up to start recording their podcast in the Launch Pad studio. 

For other startup founders or anyone that is interested in doing podcasts, Susan advised to “do your research”. “We didn’t want to do this unless we could keep this going,” she elaborated on the team’s commitment.  

“Taking your time” was what Angela would suggest. “Don’t rush it – we did a lot of prep before we even made it into Launch Pad. We made a lot of decisions and thought about what we would do and how we wanted to do it, whether this can really work before we actually hit the record button,” Angela explained. 

“There are lots of different podcasts out there with different purposes, but if it is about servicing your customer or client, definitely keep their needs in mind”. “Think about what they would like to hear about, and make it really personal to them,” said Angela. 

Susan, Angela and the Work Wonders Podcast team are very keen on having “people who have a small business story that relates to managing people” as potential guests. You can be a startup who is scaling up, and at the stage of bringing in a general manager, or an accountant from a small business with an interesting perspective on HR and people management. 

“Everyone’s journey is different,” said Susan.

If you are interested in joining the conversation with the Work Wonders Podcast team, contact us and we will make the introductions!