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A Series with Impact – Puneet’s Testimonial

A Series With Impact - Puneet's Testimonial

On 5 October 2022, I attended Jamie Pride’s masterclass on “Pitching your Business” at Launch Pad, Parramatta. It was such a great class – a very hands-on and practical guide to teach entrepreneurs how to raise funds for their start-ups.

Jamie Pride, an in-house entrepreneur at Launch Pad, venture capitalist, and author of the book “Unicorn tears”, is a wealth of information and has a great way of articulating the most complex concepts in a very simple way. He has years of experience and has made and lost millions of dollars during the course of his journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, and venture capitalist. He has several real-life experiences to draw from.

For this masterclass “Pitching your Business”, I think that Jamie Pride was the best person up for the task! Him being an entrepreneur on one hand and a venture capitalist on the other, gave him a unique edge as he had an in-depth understanding of both sides of the coin. He understood the journey (struggles and pains) of an entrepreneur, and at the same time knew what the venture capitalists expect and how, being pitched several new ideas on daily basis, sometimes can be pretty harsh and blunt.

Jamie spoke in detail about the science and art of pitching your business. He took us through a step-by-step guide on how to make the pitching presentations for the best fundraising outcomes – what to include and equally important what not to include. He explained various alternate pitch types and gave several real-life examples to understand the concepts really well. He also taught us how to adapt our presentation/pitch to different situations and what soft skills to develop and use. His talk was packed with information and was articulated in a very interesting and understandable way. It was one of the best spent hours of my life! Was very very helpful! Thank you, Jamie!!