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Our purpose is to develop resilient founders, who create sustainable & innovative businesses, that meaningfully impact society & the community. We do this through founder care, academic rigour, technology support & practical experience.

Our Programs

We run three different programs for founders each year.

Pre-flight Program

Preparing you for the mission

Focus: Pre-Accelerator
Delivery: 2 Days Full Time
Timing: Cohort #1: January, Cohort #2: 14-15 July 2022
Entry Criteria: None

Cost: $199 incl. GST plus booking fee
(Complimentary for Western students and staff - contact launchpad@westernsydney.edu.au)

The focus of this program is two-fold: 1) Developing base entrepreneurial capabilities and 2) a focus on ideation – that is helping new founders to explore and select the idea they want to commercialise. Participants in the program should exit with an initial value proposition statement and lean canvas.

Ignition Program

Getting you off the ground

Focus: Startup Accelerator (Design & Validate)
Delivery: 12 Weeks Part Time
Timing: Cohort #1: March to May 2022, Cohort #2: TBC
Entry Criteria: Defined Idea (Business Model Canvas)

The focus of this program is helping founders to refine their value proposition and business model. There is a strong emphasis on a rigorous approach to problem and solution validation. Participants should exit the program ready to build their minimum viable product.

Booster Program

Breaking through gravity

Focus: Scale Up Accelerator
Delivery: 12 Weeks Part Time
Timing: August to October 2022
Entry Criteria: MVP

The focus of this program is helping startups accelerate towards and beyond product market fit and increase traction. Focus areas include growth hacking, go to market and pricing strategies, capital raising and team building. Participants in the program should benefit through an increase in one or more traction measures (customers, revenue, adoption).

Come along to our information sessions to get all the details and information you need about our Ignition Accelerator Program. This is an excellent opportunity to meet our Entrepreneurs in Residence and alumni, and learn more about the program.

Applications close on 11 February, so come along to the information session to help finalise your application in time for the closing date.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 2nd February

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Location: Virtual Event

The Benefits

Why complete
a Launch Pad Program?

Founder Care

We take a holistic and personalised approach to accelerating both you and your business. We will work with you and provide support at each step of your growth journey as a founder and facilitate founder circle sessions – a founder peer support group with a focus on you – not your startup.

Practical Experience & Approach

You will be mentored by world-class entrepreneurs in residence (EIRs) who have experience in this field, and you will learn proven processes and get access to a playbook resource of best practices that you can use with your business.

Flexibility & Agile

Our platform-driven, part-time, agile, multi-mode delivery makes it suitable for founders who have other work and study commitments and are in the early stages of their business.

Technology & Resources

The program will provide you with streamlined access to connections with university expertise, researchers and students.

World Class Facilities

You will get access to modern workspaces and state of the art technology facilities such as maker spaces, prototyping capabilities and studios, to help you bring ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

Community & Member Benefits

You will become a member of the Launch Pad community and be able to tap into a network of industry experts, fellow founders and like-minded community members. You’ll also get access to over $100k worth of discounted tools and services as part of our membership benefits.

By submitting an application, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions and code of conduct.

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind the Launch Pad accelerator program.

Rebecca Pham


Jamie Pride

Chief Entrepreneur in Residence

Jonathon Wolfe

Entrepreneur in Residence

Adeline Chu


Ian Mason


Mabel Joe

Community & Operations Officer

Amy Wright

Media Production and Communications Assistant

Sarah Cupitt

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Quinn Do

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Kartik Kumar

Industry 4.0 Technical Assistant

Our Ignition Program Curriculum

Week 1

Flight Plan

Set up a plan for success.

Week 2

Value Proposition I

Understanding customer personas

Week 3

Business Models I

Business planning through a lean canvas

Week 4

Problem Validation I

Figuring out whether your problem is worth solving

Week 5

Customer Interviews I

Conducting customer interviews

Week 6


Experiments and Business Models

Week 7

Customer Interviews II

Translating data into action

Week 8

Prototyping I

Wire-framing and prototyping

Week 9

Prototyping II

Refining your prototype

Week 10

Solution Validation I

Showing your prototype to customers for feedback

Week 11

Solution Validation II

Business planning through a lean canvas

Week 12

Intro to Software Development

Developing a build plan

Some Feedback

Hear from our 2021 cohort


Hear from our 2021 cohort

  • Megna Murali

    Convert Dial

    The Launch Pad program helped me go from an idea on a page and to MVP. The one-on-one mentoring and structured 6-month framework is personal and tailored to each founder. Unlike other programs that are short term, in 6 months you can achieve significant progress. There were plenty of opportunities to connect with the cohort and the mentors and I have made great friends through this program.

  • Lucas Cox


    The WSU team have provided invaluable guidance into the intricacies of problem and solution validation and capital raise preparation. GeoJob has gained many valuable contacts and resources from legal advice from Frank Law through to eligibility for start up discounts from the likes of HubSpot and AWS.

  • Priyadarshini Das


    The mentors came with rich experience in the start-up ecosystem and had an answer to every question.

  • Belinda Chapman

    Quantal Bioscience

    The Launch Pad program has greatly expanded my understanding of business and start-up processes, introduced me to great mentors (who have introduced me to even more mentors), and opened my eyes to the idea of a long-term entrepreneurial career and better equipped me for this. In addition, the Launch Pad program has introduced me to an interesting group of founders, and a peer support network with whom I anticipate remaining in touch, continuing to learn from, and perhaps even collaborating with as we grow our business in Western Sydney.

  • Andri Selamat

    DigiCity for Kids

    Launch Pad had equipped me with the skills on how to progress an idea into the next tangible steps, and be aware off the common pitfalls. It’s been a program where you can feel welcomed and share with like-minded people, at the same time supported by incredible team and guided by experienced mentors.

  • Wayne Larsen

    PT Blink

    The WSU Launch Pad program was an integral part of the evolution of PT Blink. Throughout the program, we received valuable insights from the mentors and EIR team, which readied our business and founding team for acceleration. We also met and engaged with a community of other startups; the collective passion and enthusiasm was contagious. I would recommend the Launch Pad program to any startup.

  • Sandra Pires

    Yesterday Stories

    Launch Pad gives you insight into the founder's journey from a deeply personal perspective and with founder well-being at the core. The emphasis on the scientific method for all experiments makes you accountable.

  • Gemma Colbran


    Launch Pad accelerator pushes founders through the startup ecosystem, as opposed to "pulling" them like other accelerators. They supply you with the support, knowledge and tools you need to validate (or invalidate), build and grow your business..