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SydWest Global Connections Tech Startup Accelerator Program

Startup SydWest Global Connections was a 6-month duration accelerator program supporting technology start-ups working in high-growth industry sectors or using technologies where there is potential to drive international market opportunities, particularly within the US and Asia Pacific region.

Delivered through Western Sydney University’s highly successful Launch Pad Technology Business Incubator, the accelerator provided a range of support activities designed to help start-ups establish quickly, hone the value proposition, rapidly develop technology, access markets and scale effectively.

Startups were immersed in an expansive innovation network providing easy connections to mentors, potential customers and co-founders, investors, industry experts and collaborators for research and development.

The extended period of 6 months for the accelerator program, as compared to normal 12 weeks programs, provided a much deeper experience, allowing adequate time for technical development and international market connectivity.

The proposed Global Connections accelerator had a multi-cultural focus to support founders from diverse backgrounds to access localised support that did not exist in any significant form across the region. In particular, the program sought to support founders and teams that had strong qualifications and experience from their home countries but may struggle to gain recognition of their qualifications and expertise in Australia.

Application Process

Step 1. Submit your expression of interest and confirm your eligibility

Step 2. Eligible candidates will be invited to submit a full application

Step 3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a virtual interview with our judging panel

Step 4. Selected candidates will be notified of their acceptance into the program



Who was this program for?

    • Founders with deep knowledge in an area that made them uniquely qualified to solve a problem
    • Self-starters, had the inner drive and grit to execute and make things happen
    • Had a connection with Western Sydney – either live, study or work in Western Sydney or could demonstrate how the business could operate and thrive in the region.


    • Had an MVP or could demonstrate some form of problem-idea validation
    • Had the capability to execute quickly
    • At least one founder could provide a strong commitment to participating in the program
    • Could demonstrate a market need beyond the Australian market.

What do you get?

The program was delivered via a structured and guided process providing a range of supports designed to enable participants to demonstrate their value-proposition, develop innovative business models, access capital, set up their operations and launch and scale their business locally and, or, in overseas markets.
Specific supports available through the accelerator included:


Access to start-up/commercialisation and industry experts


Access to students/graduates, researchers, co-founders and tech partners


Connections to industry contacts, investors, mentors and collaborators


Access to co-working space, meeting areas, labs and collaborative spaces

Maker Space

Access to a range of prototyping and testing equipment for physical products

Education & Training

Technical development and practice-based business skills workshops

Cultural Awareness

Australian business context, legal, regulation and compliance training


Links to potential venture capital investment, donors and grants

Professional Services

Access to discounted business and legal services, tools and credit schemes


Links to potential customers, projects and new market contacts.

Applications are now open

Industry Focus Areas


If you are a startup working to solve a complex challenge in any of the following areas, we strongly encourage you to apply. 


As part of the program, we looked to support 20 startups in the industries including but not limited to:

Our Corporate Partners

Provide program support, mentoring, market understanding, key connections within local & international markets and access to discounted professional services.

Our Program Support Partners

Our program support partners provide our startups with a range of tools and resources to help build their startup. These include heavily discounted tools and professional services, office hours, workshops and connections. 

Industry Partners

Our industry partners can provide industry specific support such as mentoring and advice, market understanding and key connections within local & international markets.


The MARCS Institute

Liverpool Innovation Precinct

WSU School of Medicine

NICM Health Research Institute



WSU School of Built Environment

WSU Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC)

Western Growth


Amazon Web Services

WSU School of Computers, Data and Math Sciences


Western 4.0 Network

Western Maker Space


Western Sydney University School of Engineering


WSU Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment

WSU National Vegetable Protected Cropping Centre


WSU School of Education

WSU Centre for Educational Research


Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE)

Gaming & Simulation

WSU Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)

Atla VR

Sweaty Chair Studios



WSU School of Science

WSU International Centre for Ocean Governance

Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation


Register your interest below for the next accelerator (5 mins)

Please submit an EOI if you are interested in future programs. We will be in touch to invite eligible candidates to apply. 

If you have any questions in relation to the SydWest Global Connections Accelerator, please contact Rebecca Pham, Program Manager at Launch Pad Western Sydney University at r.pham@westernsydney.edu.au

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Frequently asked questions

Haven’t found what you were looking for?
Contact Us.

Does it have to be tech?

No. Although we are more interested in the problem you’re solving than the technology itself, we are looking for businesses with high scalability and we recognise that this is difficult to achieve without leveraging technology.

Do you need customers to apply?

You do not need to have customers before applying. We are interested in what traction you’ve achieved though.

Can I apply with just an idea?

Yes, but be prepared to prove your idea is viable and demonstrate how you will be executing this.

Will my business receive cash as part of the program?

No, this program is delivered as 100% in-kind (this support is valued at $50K) however, we will connect you to a network of investors, donors and grants.

Do I have to pay to be part of the program?

No, the program is free for selected participants.

Will the program be in person?

The program will be delivered through a blend of in-person engagements at our Parramatta and Penrith Incubators, as well as online.

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Helping learning providers increase the lifetime value of learners

Reducing crop losses for growers with pathogen monitoring

Solving the problem of out-of-home recycling bins going to landfill due to contaminated contents

Making Australian-made and TGA approved smart orthotics

The Purpurse Co.

Mobile app to empower you to live your higher purpose


Helping the construction industry improve safety performance and culture on work sites

Building a collaboration platform for farmer communities

Matching international students with the right courses and enrolling them

Helping parents manage kid’s overuse of screen-time

Providing the civil construction industry with an affordable, real-time, project monitoring and reporting solution

Bridging the gap between on-demand traffic controllers with worksites

Driving better customer experiences through powerful digital maps

Enriching connection to communities for travellers

Marketplace platform to create better lives for small-holder farmers

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