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Startup Year at Western empowers innovators across a wide range of backgrounds to become founders of startup companies and innovation leaders in the workforce. 

Participants of Startup Year at Western will receive an accredited Graduate Certificate in Start Up Scale Up.

What is Startup Year?

Startup Year is a new initiative established by the Australian Government to support university students and graduates in becoming innovative entrepreneurs, solving real-world problems, creating meaningful solutions, and making a lasting impact. 

Startup Year aims to encourage innovation and support for Australia’s startup community, including social innovation and community-based entrepreneurship.

Startup Year is a Government-subsidised Program for eligible candidates. 

Startup Year at Western

As part of Startup Year, Western Sydney University’s Graduate Certificate in Start Up Scale Up provides a unique opportunity for students to pursue a choice of two streams:

  • building or growing their own venture (Entrepreneurs stream) for those seeking to begin, or are already are working on their startup company
  • developing and honing their innovation skills (Industry Professionals Stream), for those working as an industry professional working within an organisation such as an SME, corporate, government agency, social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation. 

Graduate Certificate in
Start Up Scale Up

Delivered as a partnership between the university’s School of Business and Launch Pad, the university’s Technology Business Incubator, the Start-up Scale-up course provides a unique and real-world business environment where students will develop and apply their skills and knowledge within a dynamic innovation support ecosystem.

The course offers two dynamic workstreams to suit individual entrepreneurial aspirations, both with the opportunity to develop international experience through an optional Global Mobility Program:

Entrepreneurs Stream

Launch your startup venture

A platform for students interested in building or growing their own venture or startup idea. Students will learn the fundamental skills integral to starting or scaling up a business to meet local and global market demands and opportunities.

Industry Professional Stream

Hone your business innovation skills

A platform for students interested in building or growing their own venture or startup idea. Students will learn the fundamental skills integral to starting or scaling up a business to meet local and global market demands and opportunities.

Available campuses

Parramatta City
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Study Mode

One year part-time

Start Time

Q2 April 2024

The Benefits

Why Participate in Startup Year at Western?

Immersive Learning Environment

Work within Launch Pad, the University’s Technology Business incubator providing a unique innovation ecosystem where students can collaborate with a range of entrepreneurs and develop key contacts.

Relevant Entrepreneurship Skills

Develop entrepreneurship skills for starting or scaling a new business and driving new ideas within existing businesses. From understanding new markets to mastering digital tech. and management capabilities, students gain a comprehensive skill set aligned with current business demands.

Strategic Innovation and Creativity

Dive into modern approaches and methods for creativity, ideation, and innovation. Students explore various brainstorming methods and scenario planning, developing skills crucial for strategic innovation and creative problem-solving.

Market Exploration and Development

Gain a comprehensive understanding of core activities of entrepreneurship, innovation, and new markets. Through collaboration with Startups, potential customers and industry partners, students gain practical experience in exploring opportunities, understanding market dynamics, and identifying emerging trends.

Connect to the Future

Get exposed to scenario planning methods, emphasising economic, social, technological, and sustainable development to address disruption, change and uncertainty likely over the next 10-30 years. This forward-thinking approach equips students with the skills to navigate future challenges and opportunities.

Supportive Founder Community

Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded peers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts who share your passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. You are in safe hands as you launch your ideas, benefitting from collaborative insights, mentorship, and a network that propels your entrepreneurial journey forward.

Program Structure

Fees and delivery

Domestic Student


  • $6,360

Delivery: On-campus

International Student

Fees: $6,360

Delivery: On-campus

International Students on a Student Visa are eligible to participate in Startup Year if they are either enrolled in their final year of an undergraduate course or in postgraduate study in 2024.

What Financial Support is Available?

Undergraduates in their final year and current postgraduate students are eligible for a STARTUP-HELP loan, along with recent graduates. Students selected for STARTUP-HELP places will also be eligible for income support, where they meet other eligibility requirements.


The School of Business has been awarded AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation for its excellence in business education.

Break away from the traditional corporate career path!

“Through my studies, I am equipping myself with the necessary knowledge and competencies to not only succeed in any business setting, but also lay the foundation for achieving my goal of becoming an entrepreneur.”

— Clint Carver, Graduate Diploma in Start Up Scale Up

Your Career

As a graduate of Startup Year, you can look forward to career opportunities in:

  • Venture Building
  • Corporate Innovation

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