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Challenging students minds through AI and Robotics!

Launch Pad joined hands with Western Sydney University’s (WSU) Robotics Automation and Manufacturing (RAM) Club to activate WSU’s campuses in Parramatta South, Parramatta City, Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub, and Bankstown City Campus over 3 days across week 3 and week 4 of Spring Semester.

Tuesday 8th August: Clubs Fest

If you don’t know what Clubs Fest is, dont worry, we didnt either until we participated in hosting a stall alongside RAM.
Clubs Fest is a one day event that showcases the different clubs available for students to join at WSU. It is a day of fun, challenges, prizes and connection. Clubs came together to compete in obtaining the most membership registrations whilst showcasing their club offerings and activities throughout the year.

Although Launch Pad was not participating as a club, we were lucky enough to get a stall at the event to promote our next Venture Makers Innovation Challenge (VMIC) 5: AI for Impact on September 12th (9am-5pm) held at Bankstown City Campus.

During the day we hosted the AI Guessing Game where participants had to categorise 124 photos on whether they were AI-generated or human and receive a point for each correct guess. The closest to reaching 124 points would be awarded a mystery prize at our VMIC5 Infosession on August 25th (12-1pm) held online.

Wednesday 9th August: Guess the AI, Robotics Demo and Speed-friending

Launch Pad continued the fun the day after with the AI Guessing Game and robotics demo held at Parramatta City Campus from 11am-12:30pm before relocating to Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub from 1-3pm. The day closed with speed friending and games: Speed-friending Bingo, Kahoot, Icebreakers, and robotics track racing with Migoreng and protein bars.


Bingo involved finding friends who had specific characteristics to clear a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on the bingo card. These characteristics  ranged from whether a participant was bilingual to whether they had Taylor Swift concert tickets.


The icebreaker required participants to get into a group of 3 with each member coming from a different discipline. These group members then had to find out as much information as they could about each other before presenting to the others.


Although some information was provided on the Venture Makers Innovation Challenge,  participants were encouraged to come to the VMIC5 Infosession to get more detailed information on what happens at the upcoming challenge day.


This VMIC5, the prize pool was at $500 per member of the winning team.

That’s $2500 worth of winnings for the winning team of 5 members! It is an opportunity that students do not want to miss out on. The 2nd place winners and 3rd place winners could win up to $1500 and $1000 for each team, respectfully.


Participants of the Venture Makers Innovation Challenge also would be provided food and beverage on the day, receive a digital badge that can be uploaded to LinkedIn, get a free shuttle bus from Parramatta City Campus to Bankstown City Campus on the morning of the challenge, and learn various skills including:

Photo Credit: Nataly Thomson 

Learn more about the past Venture Makers Innovation Challenge and stay tuned for future challenges!

About The Venture Makers Innovation Challenge.

Venture Makers is Launch Pad’s entrepreneurship training and development program for students, researchers and staff designed to build and support an entrepreneurial culture & ecosystem. 

The Benefits

Skills learnt throughout the challenge

Soft Skills

1) Entrepreneurial Thinking
2) Problem Hacking
3) Non-verbal Communication skills
4) Radical Open-mindedness
5) Radical Creativity
6) Effective Brainstorming
7) Time Efficiency 
8) Radical Empathy
9) Collaboration

Hard Skills

1) Conceptual Design
2) Pitching for Impact
3) Sustainable Development Goals
4) Innovation Hack Canvasing
5) Entrepreneurial Process
6) Sustainable Design
7) Corporate Presentation/Storytelling

Entrepreneurial thinking

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Non-verbal communication skills

Radical Creativity

Radical Open Mindedness

Time Efficiency

Effective Brainstorming

Radical Empathy


Conceptual Design

Pitching for Impact

Sustainable Development Goals

Innovation Hack Canvasing

Entrepreneurial Process

Sustainable Design

Corporate Presentation/Storytelling