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Bridging Skills and Cultures: Chirantha Kolonne’s Journey at CREDuED – 2024 Summer Internships with Startups

Bridging Skills and Cultures:

Chirantha Kolonne's Summer Internship with Startup Journey at CREDuED

By: Chirantha Kolonne

From the moment I met Nikki at the Western Sydney University Launch Pad Summer Internship event, I knew my experience at CREDuED would be exceptional. Her bubbly and cheerful personality not only made her approachable but also reflected the positive atmosphere she cultivates in our workspace. 

As a learning designer with a background in business analysis, I initially joined CREDuED to contribute to course creation. However, my analytical instincts quickly kicked in, driving me to explore how we could enhance our business processes. This exploration led to a pivotal moment in my internship: the realization that integrating large language models could revolutionize our workflow, transforming days of work into mere hours. Nikki’s openness to innovation and her support for my suggestion to initiate a software development project exemplified her forward-thinking leadership. This project not only aimed to optimize the time of a learning designer but also set a new standard for efficiency within our operations. 

Moreover, Nikki’s mentorship extended beyond professional growth. She encouraged me to leverage my network, identifying a unique opportunity to serve as a bridge between the Australian and Sri Lankan markets. This vision was rooted in understanding the needs of startups for tech solutions and the economic advantages of connecting these two cultures. 

Nikki’s belief in my potential fostered a newfound confidence in me, empowering me to navigate job interviews with assurance, experiment with new technologies fearlessly, and envision innovative solutions that bring diverse cultures together. 

As I look to the future, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. With Nikki’s guidance, I am confident that we will continue to break new ground, implementing innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact. My journey at CREDuED has been transformative, not just in my professional life but in realizing the potential of connecting worlds and creating opportunities across borders. 

In closing, my experience at CREDuED has been much more than an internship; it has been a journey of personal and professional growth, innovation, and cross-cultural bridge-building. I look forward to what the future holds, knowing that with leaders like Nikki, the path ahead is bright with promise. 

Building future entrepreneurial capacity

2024 Summer Internships with Startups

In a pioneering initiative, Launch Pad has introduced a program connecting startups with Western students for enriching internship opportunities that witnessed a surge of interest both from startups and students.
In Summer 2024, Launch Pad’s coworking space was buzzing with the energy of students embarking on their professional journey. By fostering real-world experiences, Launch Pad envisions a future where students seamlessly transition from academia to the professional realm, armed with practical skills and a network that extends beyond the classroom.