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From Comfort Zone to Learning Zone

Earlier this year, Launch Pad hosted the Venture Makers Global Exchange Program in collaboration with Kansai University of International Studies and five Global Universities from Japan, India, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This initiative marked the start of a five-year collaboration project led by Kansai University of International Studies that aims to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The exchange program kicked off in Australia in early March when we welcomed 10 students and 1 professor from Kansai University of International Studies, Miyazaki International College, and Kobe University of Design to our very own Launch Pad space. Over the course of the program, the students worked in interdisciplinary teams to develop a pitch solving a pertinent problem that impacts them and their community.

Forbes highlights that in order to recognise your own capabilities and grow, you must be willing to experience something out of your comfort zone.

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone & taking bold actions is a catalyst for personal growth and achieving success”.

This was a key teaching our Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Brad Twynham encouraged the students to embody and consequently integrate while crafting their pitches. To step outside of their comfort zones and be radical in their thinking and ideas. This was also highlighted in many instances during the Sydney Program when the Japanese students engaged in various activities and workshops that challenged their skills and creativity.

“I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship and to be honest I was not interested in it at all! Through this program I was able to learn about the startup process and now I’m interested in entrepreneurship!” 

Sydney Program Participant

By engaging with various local start-ups, businesses, high schools, and universities at the forefront of innovation, the students built valuable networks and gained exposure to new business models, technologies, and ideas.

More specifically, the students enjoyed workshops on entrepreneurship from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Startups and Investment NSW’s Tech Central. They also visited a local high school, Our Lady of Mercy College, to learn about how entrepreneurship is taught in the Australian higher education system and enjoyed an interactive tour at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment to learn about Australia’s involvement in achieving the sustainable development goals just to name a few!

An amazing highlight of the program was creating personalised Launch Pad keyrings in the Makerspace at Kingswood!

Japan Team visit DAY 3-8007

“I’ve never used technology like 3D printing, so this was such a cool experience that I’ll never forget!” 

Sydney Program Participant

Through these immersive experiences, the students were able to use their newfound knowledge to broaden their entrepreneurial mindset, toolset and understanding of the Australian start-up ecosystem.

By being pushed out of their comfort zones and taking risks over the 10 days, these students were able to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and grow in ways they never imagined. This personal growth translated through during their final pitches where the once-shy cohort confidently presented their solutions. Seeing this growth is truly testament to the impact of the Venture Makers Global Exchange program. It is valuable exchange experiences and opportunities like this that allow students to challenge themselves to not only achieve their goals but unlock their full potential! 

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Launch Pad looks forward to future global exchange opportunities for students in the future!

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