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KikiSelective Founder, Kunal Bhusare Triumphs with $10K Women & Multicultural Grant

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Introducing Kunal Bhusare: Founder of KikiSelective

By: Mary Bul

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, innovation knows no boundaries. It’s a pleasure to announce Kunal Bhusare, the visionary founder of KikiSelective, as one of the recipients of the Women and Multicultural Program grant. This $10,000 grant aims to support and uplift entrepreneurs, and Kunal’s journey is a testament to the program’s success.

Kunal Bhusare, hailing from India, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey when he arrived in Australia in 2017. With a background as a serial entrepreneur, Kunal’s resilience and passion led him to explore diverse ideas, eventually leading to the birth of KikiSelective.

Kunal’s involvement with the Women and Multicultural Program began in 2022. His participation in the Women & Multicultural Program and the Ignition Startup Accelerator program showcased a parallel commitment to honing his entrepreneurial skills. Juggling both programs, Kunal successfully completed his Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in August, launching it for users while being an active participant in the accelerator programs.

Journey with Launch Pad

KikiSelective - Bridging AI and Education

Kunal shared his journey, highlighting the pivotal moment when he saw the potential of using AI in education. The inception of KikiSelective was sparked by the realization that artificial intelligence could significantly aid students in preparing for selective exams. This revelation set the stage for KikiSelective; Kunal’s innovative startup aimed at revolutionizing education through AI.

Receiving the $10,000 grant holds profound significance for KikiSelective and Kunal personally. The grant extends Kunal’s runway for investment, enabling experimentation and creativity. Beyond financial support, the grant brings brand validity, instilling confidence in potential customers and partners. It sets KikiSelective on a trajectory of increased chances of success.

Looking ahead, Kunal envisions the upcoming year as the time to achieve product-market fit for KikiSelective. The focus for the next three months is intensive experimentation to refine the product. Following this, the latter half of the year will be dedicated to scaling the startup, growing its user base, and optimizing revenue streams.

Meet Kiki, Digital Tutor for Selective Tests

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Entreprenuers

Reflecting on his journey, Kunal shares advice for aspiring founders. He emphasizes the value of being part of a supportive network and participating in accelerator programs. Validating ideas before significant investment and taking incremental steps, such as starting a side project while working, can significantly mitigate risks. Lastly, he stresses the importance of mental and physical well-being, recommending founders surround themselves with like-minded individuals.

To read more about KikiSelective and follow him in his journey visit: KikiSelective.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Women and Multicultural program and the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs driving innovation and change in our communities.