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Introducing Scarlett Huo: Founder of StarPower Media

By: Mary Bul

Meet Scarlett

Ignition Accelerator Program Alum

We are thrilled to announce Scarlett Huo, the founder of StarPower Media, as one of the winners of the prestigious 10K Women and Multicultural Program. Scarlett’s journey from being an international student to launching her startup is an inspiring tale of resilience, determination, and innovation.

From Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur: Relocating to Sydney

With nearly a decade of experience in the media industry in China, Scarlett’s relocation to Sydney for her second master’s degree at Western Sydney University marked a pivotal moment. Contemplating her future, she found inspiration in the prospect of founding her own startup.

Navigating the uncertainties of startup life wasn’t easy for Scarlett. However, the support, mentorship, and community provided by Launch Pad’s Ignition program proved invaluable. It empowered Scarlett to confront self-doubt and forge ahead with her entrepreneurial dreams.

Founder of Scarlett Huo said:

“I attended a lot of the information sessions and learned about the women multicultural grants and the Ignition program. The sessions were very helpful and practical, especially for someone like me who has never had real experience funding a startup.”

Identifying Opportunity: The Birth of StarPower Media

Drawing on her media expertise and recognizing the global trend towards live streaming and influencer marketing, Scarlett conceptualized StarPower Media. The agency specializes in TikTok live streams, capitalizing on the platform’s burgeoning live stream agency service.

“For the first-time startup founders, maybe the most challenging part is to conquer your own fear and being self-promoted along the way. There’s so much uncertainty and so little information out there. Being part of a community like Launch Pad is really helpful.”

Scarlett Huo

Milestone Achievement: Winning the 10K Grant

Securing the 10K grant is a significant milestone for Scarlett and StarPower Media. Beyond financial support, it symbolizes validation and encouragement for Scarlett’s entrepreneurial journey as an international student and first-time founder.

Scarlett plans to strategically allocate the grant to fuel StarPower Media’s growth. Funds will be directed towards branding efforts, team salaries, and incentives for live streamers, ensuring the company’s continued expansion and market presence.

Empowering Advice

Insights for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Scarlett’s journey offers valuable lessons for fellow international students aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the importance of staying open-minded, building a supportive community, and leveraging personal strengths for success.

In closing, Scarlett shares invaluable advice for fellow international students aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship. She emphasizes the importance of staying open-minded, surrounding oneself with a supportive community, and leveraging personal strengths. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, resilience, and self-discovery.

Her advice is clear:

“Be open-minded and absorb as much information as possible. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs or mentors. It’s not only about your intelligence but also your mental strength and perseverance.”

Scarlett Huo

To read more about Scarlett and follow her in her journey visit: StarPower Media. 


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