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Launch Pad Stories: Introducing Sajit Gurubacharya

Launch Pad Stories

Introducing Sajit Gurubacharya: Founder of Jamla

By: Mary Bul

Meet Sajit

Western Sydney University Alum

Sajid Gurubacharya, a Western Sydney University alum, has emerged victorious in the Women in Multicultural Program, securing a grant for his startup, Jamla. In this interview, Sajid shares his journey, the inspiration behind Jamla, and the transformative impact of the grant on his entrepreneurial endeavours.

Sajit Gurubacharya

An AI enabled platform helping make visa pathways more transparent so students can settle into Australia in a more affordable and secure way.

“50% of the Australian population have a migrant background”

Jamla's Inception

Jamla, Sajid’s startup was conceived during the initial phase of the Ignition Program. The startup aims to streamline and simplify the visa processes for international students, making them more affordable, secure, and transparent. Sajid’s personal experiences during his international student phase ignited the spark for Jamla, addressing the hurdles he faced.


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“While I do have a vision of like, okay, this product should look like this, I’m sure the vision will continue grow. But one thing which is constant is, is that a vision of helping students with their visas, making it more secure transparent and affordable.”

Sajit Gurubacharya

Sajid shed light on his decision to join the Women in Multicultural Program, emphasizing the scarcity of opportunities for someone with his background to venture into the entrepreneurial space. He highlighted the support he received from Launch Pad and the program, creating an ideal environment for his startup to flourish.


The Grant

A Catalyst for Growth

“The grant provides the freedom to explore essential aspects like website development, app building, and other necessary investments, boosting Jamla’s potential for long-term success.”

Looking ahead, Sajid shares his vision for Jamla. Acknowledging the evolving nature of problems in the visa process, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a constant vision while adapting the solution to meet evolving challenges. The grant, he believes, acts as a catalyst for the initial groundwork, providing both financial support and a confidence boost.

Reflecting on his journey, Sajid underscores the importance of networks and people in the entrepreneurial space. Seeking validation and learning from others, whether fellow founders or the Launch Pad team, has been an integral part of his growth.

While still in the early stages of his entrepreneurial journey, Sajid envisions contributing to the ecosystem by supporting others through mentorship, providing networks, and offering assurance during uncertain times. His focus is on creating a positive impact on the community.


Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: Seizing Opportunities in Western Sydney

As a recent Western Sydney alum, Sajid encourages young entrepreneurs to recognize the opportunities in growing regions like Western Sydney. He emphasizes that more people equate to more problems, offering ample chances for innovative solutions. He says to embrace the driver’s seat, take charge of the change you wish to bring.

“Be proactive, taking opportunities, and have fun along the journey. These are the key components of a successful entrepreneurial endeavour.”

Sajit Gurubacharya

Stay tuned for more updates on the Women and Multicultural program and the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs driving innovation and change in our communities.