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Launch Pad’s Ignition Startup Founders Learn to Build Their First Prototype

How long does it take to prototype an idea for an app?

At Ignition startup accelerator’s session last 5 October 2022, our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) Jamie Pride and Ian Mason demonstrated how easy it is to prototype an app in just 4 hours to a room of startup founders! 

Jamie took a hands-on approach using Figma which is widely used in industry. Using a real-life example, the EIRs walked the founders through the steps to build the prototype using the user journey. 

Not only were the founders exposed to the technology design aspects of prototyping, they also learned how to design for accessibility.

Jamie listened to founders’ lo-fi prototype presentation and provided feedback
Launch Pad EIR Ian Mason helped founders develop their clickable prototypes.

Our EIRs believed that by learning how to prototype, the founders can make mistakes cheaply and freely explore their options on their startup growth journey.

Founders worked in groups of 3 or 4 to ideate and create the app and walked out of the session smug knowing they learned a new skill that would help them in their current (and future) startup endeavours.

In a few weeks’ time the founders will be celebrating the end of the program.

Join our post-program celebration, ‘Ignition Touchdown’, to meet our founders and hear them pitch the ideas they’ve been developing over the past 12 weeks.

The event will be held on 9 November (10:00am-12:00pm) at the Parramatta Engineering Innovation Hub.