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Learning HOW to Launch My Side Hustle

Side Hustle Series 101

by Samina Rakhshani

As a working university student, I am always seeking new ways to make the most of my time, contributing to both my financial and social wellbeing. In addition to my studies, I am also a passionate storyteller, who is interested in writing both poetry and novels. However, I have struggled with sharing my stories with others, especially on digital platforms.

– Samina Rakhshani
Side Hustle Series – Show It! Participant 

School of Humanities and
Communication Arts


I was fortunate enough to discover and participate in Launch Pad’s new Side-Hustle Series, specifically the first instalment called ‘Show It’. Throughout the two-day program, I learnt from Jamie Pride and Brad Twynham, Launch Pad’s Entrepreneurs in Residence. They provided me valuable insights on how to utilise my time effectively and how to discover what I am most passionate about.  

In addition, I was introduced to several aspects of running my own side-hustle, some which I would have not considered beforehand. Both Jamie and Brad were super energetic and kind throughout the two learning sessions.  

Participants learning about various camera and set-up equipment.

Moreover, they invited a guest and YouTube sensation, Samuel Suresh, who shared his own experiences as a content creator whilst being a Western Sydney University student. This added tremendous value to our takeaways from the sessions. 

Participants learning about various camera and set-up equipment.

I would like to give a huge shout out to the Side-Hustle Series and Launch Pad for organising it. I feel I am more equipped with the knowledge and skills required to ideate and start my own side-hustle in the future.  

I highly recommend this program to individuals looking to achieve similar goals.  

Participant recording in media space.
Side Hustle: Show It! Cohort #1

Cheers to Launch Pad!

Photo Credit: Harley Nguyen Tran and Mabel Joe

About The Side Hustle Series

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