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Meet our new founders! – The Final Touchdown

The Final Touchdown

Cohort 4, 2023

November 1 marked a monumental occasion for our 21 newest founders, celebrating their recent completion of our Ignition Startup Accelerator Program. 

Over the past three months, our final 2023 cohort have flourished in their ideation of their startup idea, reaping the rewards of their hard work and long hours.  

Last Friday, their efforts finally came to fruition at Ignition Touchdown, where they presented their refined startup pitch to other founders as well as members of the Western Sydney community.  

Founders arrived early for a 10am start to prepare themselves, finalise their pitch presentations and seek support from members of their cohort. Notably, high-school students from Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta (OLMC) were in attendance to learn from and support the founders in the final step of the program’s completion.  

One by one, founders were given a two-minute slot to encapsulate what they have worked on for the past 12 weeks and communicate their innovative ideas to the audience. Each presentation expressed unique learnings from the program and how it helped move forward their startup’s journey.  

A notable presentation was from Louisa Chan (Louisa Chan Creative) who focused her startup on encouraging everyday Australians to live life with purpose, utilising the power of the subconscious mind. As Lousia explained with commendable problem validation and sentiment from her target segment, this could be achieved via technological advancements such as neuro-energetic encoding.  

Joseph Pham and Jason Mak

With over 30 years of experience in content processing, Descretion is a patent smart data solution that cuts the litigation process in half. Descretion is currently onboarding a number of leading IP firms in Australia, with their SAS subscription model. 

“It’s not about what you know but what you can prove in court”.
Kiki Selective
Kunal Bushare

An AI powered Chatbot delivered in WhatsApp, making it easy for students to prepare for selective exams.

“A personalised coach for your kids curated by experts”  
Hassan Qureshi

A digital solution that makes the paperwork for admins easier on your phone, tablet or desktop.  

“Help allied professionals save time on admin so they can focus on what really matters”  
Jai Mohan and Harshita Sood

A clean-tech ride-share service exclusively dedicated to electric vehicles, where both drivers and users can make an impact.

“By 2030, Australia will be the largest contributor of greenhouse emissions through the transport sector”
Louisa Chan Creative
Louisa Chan

Empowering and raising up individuals to to live a life of purpose and meaning through neuro-energectic encoding and art therapy.

“Focusing on a circular economic model”
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Colab Merchandising
Zachary Katz and Sam Ritchie

With the massive boom for eco-friendly garments, not a single platform offers sustainability at its core. Colab is an all-in-one merchandise platform providing a premium customer experience whilst saving the planet

“50% of unsold garments this year will go to landfill”
Starpower Media
Scarlett Huo

With a massive user base and rapid growth rate, Starpower Media is a Tiktok livestream agency which teaches streamers how to monetise their content.

“We are a school and teach our streamers, hoping to expand to other platforms in the near future”
Global Travel AR
Clinton Carver

A fully immersive AR in conjuction with your personal devices to deliver curated personal experiences when travelling overseas.

“Many tour operators lack the expertise to create compelling and engaging tour experiences”
Sajit Gurubachary

A AI enabled book helping make visa pathways more transparent so students can settle into Australia in a more affordable and secure way.

“50% of the Australian population have a migrant background”
The Library
Andrew Boyle

A stoic gym that aims to strengthen and sharpen the minds of men. It aims to build character, resilience and brotherhood through the virtues of courage, justice, temperance and wisdom.

“There is an epidemic of loneliness”
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George Langley

The marketing manager in the cloud, which empowers small businesses to take control of their marketing.

“It is not an enemy bur rather an asset to marketers which plans and manages”  
Moody Tunes
Sandra Garrido

Based on more than ten years of research, Moody Tunes is a smartphone app which uses music to help young people understand more about mental health and how to manage their moods.

“One thing young people are doing when they are experiencing depression is they are increasing their music listening from 5 to 10 hours a day”
Bella Nguyen and Mazel Ngo

An all-in-one e-learning platform aimed to increase learning interactions amongst students through gamification and online classes. It serves to automise learner experience and quality control for teachers.

“This is a real ongoing problem happening in Vietnam and many places in the world”
Amity Connections
Levi Osuagwu

With over 400,000 African migrants in Australia, Amity Connections is a different platform aiming to be a safe space for Africans to connect with those outside of their community. it aims to integrate other digital platforms and generate content on what people want to know.

“I have been a migrant since 2014 and am a respected leader in the African community”
John Wastnage and Ria Bairstow

HiveX is a responsive web app which curates offers and experiences sourced from partner businesses. By combining hospitality, leisure and entertainment experiences, it pushes one or two offers to a user to minimise overwhelm.

“There are great experiences with excess capacity everywhere because of price optimisation or poor marketing”  
Xindi Shao

One-stop shop platform for regional employers to hire migrant workers, combining a job board, a candidate background check and visa assistance to enable platform to scale.

“68% of recruiters from regional Australia reported difficulty to filling job vacancies”  
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Images sourced from Jed Mesa

After all of the pitches, members in the audience voted for their three favourite pitches to identify the ‘People’s Choice Award’. This award ended up going to Andrew Boyle for his startup; The Library. The Library as Andrew describes is a stoic gym aimed the strengthen and sharpen the minds of men through building character, resilience and brotherhood. 

Andrew’s pitch was unique. The utilisation of descriptive imagery helped guide the audience and helped relate his startup’s purpose to his journey throughout the program.  

People's Choice Award Winner, Andrew Boyle

Next on the agenda was a ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ segment. Hosted and facilitated by Launch Pad’s Entrepreneurs in Residence (Ian Mason and Jonathon Wolfe), founders were able to ask any burning questions in relation to the program or their startup.  

After sitting in on the session, there were many valuable takeaways. Some include; 

  • The purpose of a business is to not create a business for money but rather one which solves a problem (and then makes money) 
  • Many successful businesses have multiple modes of revenue 
  • Understanding the key drivers of your business and repeating them is crucial for success 
  • Good sellers spend only 20% of the talking and 80% of the listening from their customers 

Once the session was complete, all founders gathered to have a nice lunch together, reflecting on their past couple of weeks and further networking with their new connections. The staff at Launch Pad would like to once again congratulate and commend all of our graduating founders from both cohorts in 2023!  

Ignition is a 10-week program supporting people in the community and Western Sydney University students interested in gaining skills, developing or growing their innovative ideas into a potential startup. 

To find out more about the startup accelerator programs available at Launch Pad, Click here.

Source: Jed Mesa