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Offshore Vietnamese Students Completed Launch Pad Entrepreneurial Training Program

On 18 November 2021, 50 Vietnamese international students (in 10 teams of 5) pitched their business ideas after an iterative process of validation throughout their 4-week entrepreneurial training experience at Launch Pad. 

Trained by the experts team – Joshua Flannery from Innovation Dojo, and Joe Allen from Ramen Life, who are on their own entrepreneurial journey themselves, the students are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities in the Vietnamese emerging market, and ready to make an impact. The focus of the program was to take students from “I have an idea” to “I have a validated idea”, open up opportunities in the entrepreneurial career path, while also improving their collaboration skills.

Brad Twynham, as a leadership keynote speaker, also joined the showcase day to help students with their communications and pitching skills. 

“Personally, the aspect I found most useful throughout this course is how to brainstorm business ideas rationally and logically. Besides, I can learn how to identify problems in brainstorming, and consequently, I can comprehend more about the big picture of the business and adapt the business to suit the actual market.” – Dang Bao Ngoc Nguyen, a Venture Makers participant shared her journey.

After the program, students would know that they tackle the problems worth solving, and realise that their team is a microcosm of the outer startup world.

About Venture Makers Program

Venture Makers is an immersive entrepreneurship program that will help students develop the skillset, toolset and mindset to successfully apply entrepreneurial practices to their career. Throughout this course they will attend face-to-face workshops on campus, engage with learning activities on this site and have access to business innovation leaders and mentors from Western Sydney University’s award-winning Launch Pad Technology Incubator. All of this is designed to support them in their exciting journey as they develop your own style of entrepreneurship.

Through this program, they will gain opportunities to:

  • Engage with academic and business leaders to identify and understand technology gaps, business ideas and strategic choices that lead to innovation-driven advantages and success.
  • Develop skills in and increase awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship areas and stimulate individual creativity and innovation.
  • Explore contemporary knowledge in both innovation and entrepreneurship and a range of techniques and tools that have practical importance.
  • Understand how and why the innovation and entrepreneurship journey is an intellectual adventure with their exposure to the new knowledge in the international literature and business practices in both Australia and India.
  • Interact with Western academic researchers to develop an awareness of new research areas and with business leaders to learn real-life examples and cutting-edge research. 

Above all, Venture Makers is truly focused on them – the students. We want to encourage students to believe in their entrepreneurial visions, equip them with the knowledge and skills to make them a reality, and prepare them for venturing out into the ever-growing business world. Their voice, their ideas, and their contributions matter greatly.