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Side Hustle Series: Say It

Side Hustle Series: Say It

It may be coming toward the end of the year but Launch Pad is still running full steam ahead! 

Following the success of our last two Side Hustle Series: ‘Show It’, Launch Pad debuted Side Hustle Series: ‘Say It’ on the 23-24 November. 

20 Western students spent two days at Launch Pad, equipping themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to create impactful audio content, and uncover the best strategy to launch a podcast.

To kick off, students were encouraged to define the purpose they wish to serve with their podcast, and articulate the specific lens through which they would be viewing their chosen topics. Starting out by outlining their personal goal ensured participants had a clear direction to work in over the next two days.

Students Completing "One Question Interviews"
Navigating the art of podcasting is often not an instinctive skill for novices. Engaging in podcast conversations demands consideration of factors that might not typically arise in everyday discussions. To address this challenge, students initiated their podcasting journey by pairing up and engaging in “one-question interviews,” providing them with an opportunity to hone their skills in this distinctive conversational style.

The program offered a wealth of valuable information, covering topics such as leveraging ChatGPT for creative enhancement, the benefits of listening to podcasts that challenge your beliefs, and the most effective methods for discovering and connecting with the ideal audience to build a robust listenership.

A notable highlight of the creative process was the deliberate act of “playing the fool” — a commitment to exploring content that challenges personal beliefs and expands horizons. Embracing the discomfort of encountering diverse perspectives becomes a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth in the podcasting realm.

WSU Student Ravi Shah & Jamie Pride podcasting
WSU Student Prabha Shrestha & Jamie Pride podcasting


In the world of entrepreneurship education, our emphasis at Side Hustle Series, centres on a fundamental trio: identifying a problem that is both desirable, valuable, and urgent. The critical question becomes, “What desirable, valuable, and urgent problem can you solve?” It is the synergy of these three elements that transforms entrepreneurial pursuits from mere hobbies into meaningful side hustles. Without the alignment of desirability, value, and urgency, ventures risk losing their entrepreneurial edge and may inadvertently devolve into mere pastimes.

When creating any type of side hustle, it’s important to think about what makes your idea special and how your perspective is unique. Ask yourself: What do you want to say, and who do you want to say it to? By answering these questions, you define the purpose of your side hustle and connect with the right audience.

Answering these types of questions also meant that participants were determining whether their podcast would adopt a narrative style or an interview style which becomes a pivotal step in shaping an individuals content and approach.

“Creating something of value in the eyes of your audience is the single most important thing you can focus on”
Jamie Pride
Chief Entrepreneur in Residence



During the second day, participants experienced a live demonstration showcasing the utilisation of podcasting equipment and delving into the technical intricacies of the recording process. 

Launch Pad’s own podcasting equipment was used for this demonstration, which is available for use by Launch Pad members. Participants were also guided through the ‘online recording studio’ Riverside, designed for virtual interviews.

Podcast Demonstration

The Side Hustle Series has once again proven to be not just an educational endeavor but an exciting journey into the sphere of entrepreneurship. Here’s to the transformative power of ideas and the joy of bringing them to life! 

Side Hustle Series: "Say It" cohort with Program Leads, Brad Twynham and Jamie Pride

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