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SydWest Global Connections Tech Startup Accelerator Program

Startup SydWest Global Connections is a 6-month duration accelerator program supporting technology start-ups working in high-growth industry sectors or using technologies where there is potential to drive international market opportunities, particularly within the US and Asia Pacific region.

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Meet the 2021 Select Companies

Arche Analytics

Arche Analytics helps ecommerce businesses use machine learning and artificial intelligence to grow revenue by enabling them to be more customer centric and competitive.

Aus Medical Orthotics

Our Australian-made and TGA approved orthotics have been scientifically proven to be effective and durable in the realignment of the feet through distribution of pressure evenly. They are designed using our state of the art technology that’s been created and endorsed by NASA.


Charopy technology solves the problem of out-of-home recycling bins going to landfill due to contaminated contents by only allowing eligible items to enter the bin, thereby ensuring a clean stream of container deposit scheme recyclable material in food courts, office buildings and a range of other locations.

ConnectOne Club

ConnectOne offers a digital collaboration platform for our farmer groups, which enables them to aggregate their products and sell directly to the end buyers through an online auction portal.


dARTbase is a market network for artists to connect, collaborate, create and cash out. We provide portfolio, network and marketplace services to creatives, and the industries that surround them to help turn their passion into a profession.

DigiCity for Kids

DigiCity for Kids helps parents in private schools with kids of age 8 & 9 easily distracted by technology who want to address kids overuse of screentime by reducing kid's unproductive use of technology and increasing their ability to play by learning and connect them to their passion.


ENROL AI is a seamless AI platform for simplifying international students educational journey by taking the pain from finding the right university and course to obtain the visa.

Go Global Hub

Go Global Hub helps businesses expand to international countries through a digital marketplace. Go Global Hub will be the first smart online platform to connect, quote and chat with business service providers in the ecosystem of targeted countries with businesses that are going global.


KartaSoft is driving better customer experiences through powerful digital maps. We are democratising spatial technology to enable geographic information system (GIS) and digital teams to deliver impactful, customer focused experiences.

My House Geek

My House Geek’s web maps and data helps real estate agents who want to research their listed properties by reducing the time taken to find current location information and increasing accuracy unlike a conventional web map or frequently changing location data.


MyTradie helps Property Managers who want to have maintenance completed at their properties by reducing the stress and time taken from the facilitation of these tasks and enabling them to focus their time and energy into aspects of their job that generate revenue and better assist their customers.


Neutopia is a digital engagement platform marrying the benefits of learning and community. Our digital engagement platform helps learning providers who want to increase the lifetime value of learners by reducing attrition and disengagement and increasing brand loyalty, revenue, connection, and community.

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GeoJob's Digital Site Assistant application helps civil construction supervisors and engineers who want to spend less time completing daily site documentation by automating the collection and allocation of daily productivity data which increases the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of the data collected.


OkayMate is a digital safety tool that helps the construction industry improve safety performance and culture on work sites by reducing safety incidents and related waste, and increasing ownership of hazard identification and reporting. Our focus is streamlining the hazard reporting process and most importantly the rectification of safety issues to provide workers with assurance that safety will and must always come first.

PT Blink

PT Blink is the technology platform and digital marketplace that provides control, visibility, and assurance to owners and developers of property. This is possible through a unique Design-Manufacture-Integrate process, which de-risks projects by delivering modern manufacturing precision to any property asset and its smart operations.

Purpurse Co

Purpurse Co helps individuals and businesses who are looking for a more personalised and centred approach to managing life to live a higher purpose by creating purposeful tools that cultivates a culture of caring for people and the planet.

Quantal Bioscience

Quantal Bioscience's MycOoMon pathogen monitoring service helps growers who want to take action to reduce crop losses, by radically reducing the time needed for pathogen detection and identification, and increasing the accuracy of pathogen identification to support intervention selection.


UnicornShift provides on-demand traffic control by connecting Traffic Controllers with worksites via an app. UnicornShift provides enhanced governance and eliminate delays with end-to-end performance management.


WIDYA has created an agrifood technology platform to create a better life for small-holder farmers. Our technology platform enables a Digital Agrifood Ecosystem which solves the coordination failure of the agri-food industry, whilst enhancing and facilitating the exchange of knowledge materials and money. Harnessing the benefits of aggregation, WIDYA is able to create value in the form of higher yields, higher farm gate prices and supply chain efficiencies.

Yesterday Stories

Yesterday Stories allows travellers to experience a richer connection to communities when travelling to new destinations and know more than the locals! Users can discover stories including Indigenous, migrant, colonial, industrial, sites and landmarks, art and monuments and personal stories and watch the character of the community they are visiting come alive through live maps and get directions.

To find out more about any of the above companies, please email Rebecca Pham, Program Manager, Launch Pad at r.pham@westernsydney.edu.au