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Unleashing the Power of Side Hustle

Unleashing the Power of Side Hustle

My Experience with Western Sydney University Launch Pad

by Leah Tallon

Your degree at Western Sydney University teaches you the specifics of your area, but does it teach you how to monetise your passions in that field? I’ve been lucky to find Launch Pad’s ‘Side-Hustle Series’ – an absolute game changer to the ‘Passion Economy’ and free for ALL Western Sydney University students! It’s much more than just a program; its the gateway for turning you dreams into a reality.

– Leah Tallon
Side Hustle Series – Show It! Participant 

School of Science/School of Business + Aspiring Entrepreneur


On the 14th and 15th, 2023, I immersed myself in the invaluable “Side-Hustle: Show It” event – an entrepreneurial game-changer. The experience was nothing short of enlightening and inspiring, featuring distinguished speakers  Brad Twynham and Jamie Pride. With expertise in videography, business, leadership, and marketing, they generously shared their extensive years of experience and practice with us and all in 2 immersive days! 

Our guest speakers, and their teams, shared invaluable insights on overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there, changing our mindsets on how to gain traction, and monetising your passion while maintaining authenticity. These are the kind of insights that you don’t find in textbooks.

Participants learning from guest speaker, Joshua Clarkson
Participant recording in media space

The insights shared were nothing short of liquid gold. What resonated deeply was the concept of “1000 true fans”. Instead of chasing massive follower counts (like 100K or 1M), the focus was on cultivating a loyal community of 1000 individuals who trust and respect your work enough to become customers. If 1000 people are willing to spend $5 on something you offer – that’s already $5000. This isn’t just a theory; it’s a real-world strategy with immediate applications.


1000 True Fans Framework, Sourced By: Medium

Beyond the invaluable insights, the workshop was like a creative playground. We got to dive into our own ideas using tools such as Japanese philosophy Ikigai and ChatGPT – perfect for any stage of your social media journey. What made it even more exciting was the chance to play with top-notch equipment provided. Crafting content stopped being just advice; it became a tangible, hands-on experience; a potential avenue to leverage social media. 


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Reflecting on this event, I can confidently say that it’s a must-attend for any student aspiring to make a mark in the “Passion Economy” with their side hustle. The Side Hustle: Show It event is a goldmine of knowledge, and the connections you make are priceless. As an example (and shameless plug), I’ve already launched my account, @myathleteexperience, to help women in sport with money management and mindset!

My recommendation to fellow students? Don’t miss out! Launch Pad’s events like these are where dreams take shape. It’s not just about learning; it’s about transforming yourself into an entrepreneur ready to tackle the challenges of the real world.

I’m thrilled to share my experience, and I can’t wait to see more students benefit from the incredible opportunities offered by Launch Pad. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t hesitate to attend these events. Trust me; the information from the Side Hustle: Show It will elevate your ideas around creativity and entrepreneurship.

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