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Winning the hearts of our students through SPIN-AND-WIN!

In the lead up to our most recent Venture Makers Innovation Challenge, our student team here at Launch Pad immersed themselves within the student community. The team were seen to host multiple pop-up events across WSU campuses, asking students to personally answer questions regarding our challenge. The amount of responses we received from this initiative blew us away! 

Held at Parramatta City, Parramatta South and Kingswood campuses, doughnuts and merchandise were given to promote current conversations surrounding mental health related problems within the wider Western Sydney region. Students who got involved spun a fun wheel and were asked to answer ONE key question to help understand the significance mental health holds on WSU students individually.

Students filling out their selected prompt.

Six key questions were asked to student when spinning the wheel.  These were: 

  • – What comes to your mind when hearing the term ‘mental health’?
  • – How can you contribute to making change in your local community?
  • – Are you a change maker? Why?
  • – How do we improve Mental Health in Western Sydney?
  • – Do you feel equipped to make change in the community? Why?
  • – What issue(s) do you want to solve in your community?

Responses received from Parramatta South Campus.

During this time, both meaningful conversations were had with students surrounding the topic of mental health and details of the recent challenge itself. After the completion of the initiatives, the student team have concluded that majority of students are very interested in exploring the mental health landscape and are wanting to solve mental health related issues in Western Sydney at a higher level.

It was truly atonishing to see what our bright students came up with in order to address similar problems within their own lives. 

Finally, I would also like to give a special thanks to the Launch Pad team for making this vision come to life!

Photo Credit: Nataly Thomson 

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