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“If you hang around 4 millionaires, you will become the 5th millionaire”

Speed Mentoring

Women and multicultural program workshop - September

As a result of stepping outside of your comfort zone and formulating key industry relations, mentoring is a valuable outcome towards personal and professional growth. Even with its perceptions as a one-sided relationship, mentoring is an asset for both mentees and mentors alike. 

On behalf of Launch Pad’s Women and Multicultural Program, Launch Pad held a Speed Mentoring workshop, which aimed to equip participants with essential tips and tricks to excel as a mentor or mentee. Facilitated by our own Entrepreneur in Residence, Lucy Lin, the session kicked off with an introduction as well as description of the positive impacts mentoring pertains to its parties.  

Participants networking after the workshop

Keynote speaker, Michael Azzi then addressed the audience on his personal experiences with mentoring and how they have translated into his successful entrepreneurial journey. A critical point in Michael’s presentation was the importance of identifying where you want to be in the future as well as assessing what steps need to be taken to get there. To achieve this, Michael stressed the importance of being attentive to mentor/mentee attitudes, keeping yourself accountable for decisions you make as well as highlighting a clear path to track this progress. 

Michael Azzi's Mentoring Presentation

Participants were then split into five groups to hear from industry leaders, covering topic such as: 

Mentoring by Joseph Cartisano (Sales)

Joseph based his session on the concept of ‘there is no excuse for a sale’.

By reflecting on the potential problems a startup may face, knowing your product inside-out and by understanding what customers want, you are able to get into the nitty-gritty of performing sales with a purpose.

Mentoring by Rania Shashati (Mindset)

Drawing upon her stakeholder relations, Rania discussed her personal experiences with owning her own business and instances of where she was able to shift her perspective.

By understanding where your values sit and acknowledging your mistakes, Rania emphasises the need for improvement and learning to become more kind to yourself in the process. 


Mentoring by Lucy Molden (Adaptability)

Lucy‘s diverse career expands over network marketing, solar energy, personal development, and now, a multi-site fitness franchise owner. 

In her session, Lucy drawn upon her belief of being adaptable. Being flexible to changing market conditions, trends, customer needs, and what the competition is doing is critical. 


Mentoring by Michael Azzi (Networking)

Michael drew upon his experiences with business and how most of his clients have been based on referrals.

He stressed the importance of getting out there and meeting people and being able to navigate the changes of AI and the business landscape. With this, keeping all contacts readily available and being open to making connections is crucial to building meaningful relations. 


Mentoring by Fari Salievski (Discipline)

As a martial arts master, Fari believes in a life of discipline.

Establishing a good structure and creating daily habits will give you the discipline to constantly pursue your desired goals in a systematic way and to successfully focus on achieving your desired outcomes.

Goals are good for people who want to win once, and systems and habits are for people who want to win consistently.


Key Takeaways from the Workshop

Winner of $250 Lucky Door Prize

The event ended with the announcement of the $250 lucky door prize winner, courtesy of JD Sports Australia, which went to 13-year old student, Daniel who expressed the best advice he had received from a mentor:

“You never lose, you either win or learn”
Workshop Participant

Networking continued well after the event, with attendees building mentor relations with the experts. We would like to extend our gratitude to all our mentors and their educational insight.

Workshop Mentors (Left: Michael Azzi, Fari Salievski, Lucy Lin, Lucy Molden, Rania Shashati and Joseph Cartisano)

Learn more about the Women & Multicultural Program below.

About The Women & Multicultural Program

The Women & Multicultural Program is an entrepreneurial skills training program that provides training and development skills and opportunities to attract more diverse founders and business owners into the entrepreneurship ecosystem.