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You Are Your Biggest Critic. Pitch With Confidence.

Pitching Ideas With Confidence.

Pitching an idea can be a very daunting task, especially when you’re unsure of where to start.  

As part of the Women & Multicultural Program, today’s workshop focused on ‘Pitching Ideas With Confidence’. Hosted by Entrepreneur in Residence Lucy Lin, guest speaker and expert, Adeline Chu discussed effective techniques and frameworks utilised to craft and perfect a credible pitch.  

Adeline started off the presentation by looking at Minto’s Pyramid as a guiding framework to successfully pitching a point. This framework looks at providing a heavy-hitting punchline first to ensure dramatic affects. As a result, this then will translate and be supported by conclusive statements and sufficient evidence explained further on in the pitch.

Adeline's Pitching Presentation. Photo Credit: Harley Nguyen Tran

In addition, guest speaker and startup, Abhishek Vohra (CEO & Co-founder of Okkular.io) took the floor to discuss his personal experiences starting a business and how he was able to succeed in the industry by ensuring the effectiveness of his pitching practices.   

Abhishek's Pitching Presentation. Photo Credit: Lucy Lin

All participants were actively engaged in various activities throughout the event, providing them with practical pitching skills and collaborative experiences.

Some key takeaways from the event were:

  • By regularly changing the pace and momentum throughout a pitch, this can contribute to the diversification of your pitch and its outcomes. This is a critical component to engaging with your audience. 

  • This involves being a knowledge broker’ in your area of expertise and being able to apply this knowledge to a variety of stakeholders.  
Participants Working On Group Activities. Photo Credit: Harley Nguyen Tran

Putting into practice what the participants learnt, they were put into groups to practice these new skills with each other in the room. Then participants took turns to utilise this framework and share their results with the group.  

 The event ended with the announcement of the $250 lucky door prize winner, courtesy to JD Sports Australia which went to founder and Launch Pad member, Kunal Bhusare who had the best tip for building confidence: 

"Practice in front of mirror - that person is your biggest critic. If you convince that person you are through."
Kunal Bhusare
Workshop Participant
$250 JD Sports Australia lucky door prize winner. Photo Credit: Harley Nguyen Tran

Networking continued well after the event, where both attendees and panellists were able to engage in meaningful conversations and connections. 

Learn more about the Women & Multicultural program below.

About The Women & Multicultural Program

The Women & Multicultural Program is an entrepreneurial skills training program that provides training and development skills and opportunities to attract more diverse founders and business owners into the entrepreneurship ecosystem.